Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This past weekend our Country Director, Amira Tahir, ran her first half marathon ever!
Amira raised just over $1500 for Manna Project International and has definitely inspired some of us PD's to start training for a half marathon ourselves. Not only did Amira meet her own personal goal of never walking during the whole 21km (13.1 miles), but she also completed in under 3 hours!


Monday, August 23, 2010

the other night
at the Manna House
we had a

here are some pics

Monday, August 16, 2010

meet the new Program Directors
our lovely Country Director!

Amira Tahir: Country Director
likes: babies, lip gloss, jogging, spanglish, and hazelnut chocolate
dislikes: rude drivers, drying dishes (washing is ok though), and nancites

Steph Barnett: Program Director
likes: sunrises, chikys,
little kids (especially when they speak spanish),
big-colorful-plastic-sunglasses, hiking, and safari animals
dislikes: cold weather and huge spiders (the small ones are al'right though)

Luke Harris: Program Director
likes: Jesus, basketball, teaching, Nicaraguan pizza, ground beef, salami, and hats
dislikes: snakes

Katie Hathaway: Program Director
likes: books, rain (when she is indoors), chocolate,
Catchphrase, Chacos, and the Texas Longhorns
dislikes: too much danish filling in a danish and
when people put wet dishes on dry dishes

Will "Guillermo" Howard: Program Director
likes: The Beatles, baseball, making various funny faces,
New Orleans Saints, FIFA, and Halo 3, salami
dislikes: spiders, dislikes, squirrels (there's nothing cute about rabies)

Zac Gordon from Boston: Program Director
likes: the Red Sox
skiiing, dogs, Nicaragua, Cháman, salami, tulips, and
the philosophy of Ayn Rand
dislikes: copy machines, talking during movies,
blue-cheese, and people who answer the phone while at the dinner table

Megan Aberley: Program Director
likes: surfing, making art, and bicycles
dislikes: stepping in dog doo and food budgets