Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the land of mold and movies

Rainy season has hit Manna Project with full force. We seem to live in a constant state of moistness… our line-“dried” clothes don’t dry so well, a funny smell pervades the storage area, and a layer of lovely green mold is taking over the house (seriously! I pulled a pair of sandals out of my closet last week – completely green and fuzzy.) The bumpy dirt road we drive about five times a day to get to a program facility has recently been less of a road and more of a… rushing river. Suffice it to say, classes have been canceled various times. Not to mention that we got stuck inside our neighborhood last Wednesday night due to a small “flood” at the entrance. Our Nica world just got a little more interesting (and adventurous!) with the coming of the October rain. Yet life continues…

On Wednesday, we took a jaunt to the local movie theater with a group of children from Cedro Galan, a rural community in which we teach. The field trip was one of our monthly “parties” to reward kids for good attendance in Manna’s after-school literacy and math classes. The location of the party was a surprise, although Michael proceeded to tell them we were headed to Costa Rica (they weren’t convinced!). We arrived to the theater in our mighty white microvan… the niños were SO thrilled… and Michael, Christina, and I shortly learned what it would be like to parent a large and rowdy family of thirteen. We herded the children to their seats, arms loaded with popcorn kiddy packs and jackets to fight the air conditioning chill to which we’re now so unaccustomed. “La Isla de Nim” held their eyes for its full length… and taught us gringos some new Spanish lingo. All in all, success!

Weekly lessons learned: a) mold won’t kill you. b) movie theaters are wonderfully chilly...


By the way... our child sponsorship program is looking for more sponsors! Want to help feed a child? Email maryrose@mannaproject.org.

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Holland said...

dear mpi nica,

i love your weekly updates! so fun to read what's going on in the mpi world outside of ecuador. if you ever feel like taking an extended nica retreat, you know where to find us :)