Monday, November 2, 2009

Community Home Stays, Part I

Though the manna house is a valuable asset, living apart from Cedro Galan does prevent the Program Directors from fully understanding daily life in the community. In an attempt to further enlighten our team regarding the intricacies of life in Cedro, each of the ten PDs will, this week or next, live as those we are here to serve. The purposes of these community home stays are as follows:
  1. To provide a cultural experience for the PDs, increasing their knowledge and understanding of life in the community.
  2. To further understand the assets and needs of the community in order to better serve them.
  3. To further connect the community of Cedro Galan and Manna Project, building deeper and more personal relationships.
  4. To give families in Cedro Galan an opportunity to support Manna Project.
In order to further these goals, the PDs will be treated as part of the family rather than as guests, complete with household chores, and will continue to prepare and run programs as usual. While the home stay will doubtless bring its challenges, we know it will be a tremendously enlightening experience.

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