Monday, September 20, 2010


Last week we had 5 days off work to celebrate both Nicaragua and all of Central America's Independence Days. So, we all decided to go on a family vacation to the Corn Islands!
The Corn islands can be found off the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and are a 1 and 1/2 hours flight away from Managua.
Great Corn and Little Corn are the two islands that make up this bonita island pair.
Great Corn has even been short listed as the most authentic Caribbean island around. But, Little Corn has no cars and many of the residents their never have to wear shoes (not even sandals).
The locals from Corn Islands speak a surreal mix of english, spanish and creole slang, sometimes all at the same time. I often found myself entranced hearing the locals speak, constantly asking myself, "i'm still in Nicaragua, right?"
We enjoyed snorkelling in crystal clear water, eating a plethora of seafood, exploring white sand beaches, relaxing, and of course eating lots of Eskimo ice-cream.
Our little trip has proven to be a great recharger and we're more enthusiastic than ever to be back working in Managua!

yield, crabs crossing!

Will, Ira, and Zac about to go spear fishing

sharks are one of many of the diverse species of marine creatures
that can be found around the Corn Islands

busy dock on Great Corn

the view from the lodge we stayed at on Little Corn

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