Friday, April 15, 2011

Pool Time

This past week the pool was at full capacity, acting as a host to both a kid's English party as well as a women's exercise class.  Not only was it an escape from the immense heat that has settled in down here, but it was a treat to all of the community members who come and participate in our weekly programs.   

So first on Monday afternoon, program directors Megan, Steph, and Joanna hosted a pool party for one of the kid's English classes taught at Salero to reward them for their good behavior and steady attendance.  The pool was packed with about thirty-five kids, not including some of the moms and younger siblings that came, and because many do not know how to swim were all huddled into the shallow end.  Needless to say the leaders were kept on our toes for the entire event, but in the end everyone had a great time and walked away accident-free.  

Then the next day, Tuesday, the women's exercise class came over to have a day at the pool for themselves.  Led by program directors Steph and Megan, the afternoon was filled with water aerobics and exercises, a game of dance freeze, and some healthy snacks and hangout time.  All in all a beautiful event.  For many of the women this was the first time they had ever done or participated in any sort of pool exercise class, and so it was extremely rewarding for the directors be able to share it with them.  The hope is that this can become a more regular activity for the class, as the women really had a great time. 

Megan and Steph leading the women in some stretches holding onto the side of the wall. 

All of the women's exercise class in attendance. 

Shirley, who also joined us for exercise class.

A snapshot of kids excited to be in the pool.

Kid's English.

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