Monday, May 30, 2011

El Día de Las Madres

Today was Mother’s Day here in Nicaragua, or as they call it in Spanish El Día de Las Madres.  Being an extremely important and widely celebrated holiday, none of the kids had school and no one went to work; pretty much everyone takes the day to dote upon the women who have so much influence in their lives.  So here at the Manna House we organized a Mother’s Day brunch for all of the women that help cook for the feeding program  that takes place in Cedro Galon.  About twenty-five women were invited to come to El Farito where we served them a breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit, and juice and planned different games and activities for them.  The games included ‘pin the worm on the bird’s beak’ (a variation of pin the tail on the donkey’), trivia, and wordsearches, all of which came with the chance to win premios.  The women loved them all.  Chatter, smiles, music, and laughter filled the morning, and everyone ended up having a wonderful time.
After the brunch, many of us program directors and summer volunteers then drove over to Nicaraguan Christian Academy for a Mother’s Day assembly/concert, which is where one of our good friends Dayana attends school.  Dayana is in the sixth grade and we wanted to watch and support her as she sang with her grade.  Lorena, her mom, also came with us.  The assembly was sincere, all of the kids performing songs, skits, and dances to express their gratitude for their moms and families on such a special day.   
Chef Luke cooking the eggs.
From left: Jesenia, Lydia, and Esperanza.
Noelia playing 'pin the worm on the bird'.
All of the women sitting down to eat.
Dayanna performing with her classmates.
The whole crew after Dayana's performance.

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