Thursday, May 16, 2013

Morgan's First Month

Hi Everyone!

My name is Morgan, and I've recently joined MPI as a 3-month PD in Nicaragua. Things have been fast-paced here since the first week I arrived, when I attended nearly every program we run to get a feel for which ones I was interested in working with. Doing this allowed me to start engaging with members of the community and to gain a better understanding of the responsibilities of being a PD.

Despite having only been here for a month, I already feel like I've been accepted into the community here.  I was so excited the first time kids from Cedro Galan remembered my name while I helped run Comedor, our feeding program. I've also gotten to know my students in our Level 3 and Level 4 English classes that I co-teach. These classes have been one of my favorite parts of the PD experience thus far, and I look forward to planning exciting lessons for each week. Last week I was able to experience life in the community by doing a home-stay, and also by traveling to San Juan del Sur with members of one of the churches in the community.

Now that I'm feeling more settled in, I'm looking forward to what I have ahead of me in the next two months. In this time, I want to focus on improving my Spanish (of which I knew basically none when I first arrived) by having one-on-one language exchanges with people in the community, and by doing more home-stays and traveling. I also can't wait to see the progress we make with the health clinic, and the changes in our programs now that summer volunteers have arrived. Make sure you check back soon for updates from our summer vols about their awesome camps and activities in the community!!

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