Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quarterly Retreat: The Manna Movement

Hola from Laguna de Apoyo!

Team MPI Nicaragua is enjoying our quarterly retreat at a lovely house in Laguna de Apoyo. Set up lakeside, we have had a productive, reflective, and exciting retreat where we have set up some important yearly goals. By stepping outside the hustle and bustle of Managua, we were able to find our zen and really reflect as a program, finding our strengths and weaknesses, and figuring out how we can maintain and improve what we like to call the "Manna Movement." With this, we have established some important goals for the year. These points include:

Active Communication



Spanish Tuesdays

Support the Team

Fortify Relationships

Manna Movement

Overall, we have enjoyed the luxury of the A/C for two nights, the company of each other, and the shared passion and determination we have at improving ourselves as a group and Manna as an organization. This year will be exciting and we hope to leave with a large impact on the Manna Movement. 

Reviewing goals as a team
Laguna de Apoyo 

 Left to right: Erica, Sam, Brittny, Connor, Julienne

Beautiful end to a productive day! 

By Natalie Ball 

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