Monday, May 11, 2015

Tres Mariposas By Katy Clements & Dana Hanley

For most of us growing up, being able to do arts and crafts or having safe spaces to play games with friends was a given. But here in Nicaragua there are few places where kids can just go and be kids. Camp JAM aims to address this by providing a safe space and creative outlet for the children living in Cedro Galan. It has definitely become one of my favorite programs during my time here, and I have so much fun working with these kids every week. They are always lined up at the door when we arrive and can't wait to see what we have planned for the day! It's great to see how excited they get and how much of an impact something seemingly so small can make on their lives. 

This week we got extra messy with some face painting! The kids absolutely loved it and insisted that we do it again soon. 

By Dana Hanley

One of the best days of Camp JAM this year was when we did face-painting. We had some new recruits that day, and we think the face-painting sealed the deal for their future commitment to the program-especially when they showed up to the next class asking for a new design!

By Katy Clements 


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