Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 reasons to love Nica!

As our next deadline approaches to apply for the 2013-2014 Program Director position, we hope that you’ll find your way to this blog and read through the events and anecdotes that we have shared during our 6 months here so far. Since we’re heading into the second half of our year, here are the top 5 things that we love most about being a PD in Nicaragua!

  1.  Nicaragua itself!! They don’t call it the land of lakes and volcanoes for nothing. Nica is beautiful and offers so much to explore at an inexpensive cost. Also the weather is beautiful—hot, but beautiful.
  2.  The community where we work. The people of Managua and Cedro Galan welcome us into their homes and lives daily. Part of that is because Manna carries a great reputation here, the other part is that we spend time in the community every day.
  3.  Mannamily (aka Manna Family). We live together, work together, travel together, and are there for each other throughout the year.
  4. The work we do. I can’t think of any organization like Manna. We have so many programs ranging from health, education and livelihood that we are responsible for. There are not many jobs that you can get right out of college where you can facilitate a child sponsorship program, do microfinance, or have the liberty to change and adjust things where fit.
  5.  Number 5 is a tie between all of these gems…. “the dogs”… “queso frito”… “Chaman”… “the adventure of the unknown”… “learning Spanish”… “Ridiculous bus rides with way too many people packed into a bus and reggaeton blasting”

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PD: Deadline: Feb. 1st
Summer: Deadline: Jan. 25th

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