Monday, July 15, 2013

Program Updates: Business Development and Math and Literacy

Here in Nicaragua we have been working over the past several months to transition two of our programs into the local public school at Chiquilistagua. We are always working to improve our programs and our ability to impact individuals within our local communities, so recently we saw the opportunity to strengthen two of our programs by working through a local institution. We began meeting with the leadership and staff at Chiquilstagua to discuss ways we could serve students in the areas of business and education, specifically math and literacy. Per the request of the principal and teachers, we began preparing curriculum for a business development program for high school students, as well as a tutoring program for alternative education students in math and literacy.

After the semester break at the beginning of the month, we were finally able to begin teaching classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Business Development program is utilizing resources from the Peace Corp to teach a full semester curriculum to a class of juniors. While it is currently just a class, we hope to be able to develop the program to give loans to students who perform well and present the best business plan at the close of the semester.

We have two Program Directors working with an alternative education teacher, Angelica, to provide additional support in math and literacy to a class of 6th graders. Many of the students in this program have dropped out of school at one point or have been retained due to poor grades. The students spend an additional half an hour on mathematics and another half hour on literacy topics. The PDs are working with the teacher to reinforce concepts and ideas from class that will best serve the students in completing primary school.

We are excited to see these programs develop and we're thankful for the opportunity to partner with the local school again to serve children from Cedro Galan and Chiquilistagua. Good luck to our students for a great second semester!

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