Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Home-stays in Cedro Galán!

For the next three weeks, the Program Directors of the Nicaragua are be on a rotating schedule of week-long home-stays in the community of Cedro Galán. This week, Juliene, Brittny, and myself find ourselves completely immersed in Nicaraguan culture as we start off our home-stay experiences. 

I have been fortunate enough to be welcomed into the home of a woman who is regarded as of one of the best cooks in the community. Aside from the delicious food, I have been enjoying spending time with the whole family and improving my Spanish. Despite the fact that three generations are living together in one house, everyone was more than happy to make space for me.

Thus far, I have been blown away by the hospitality and generosity and I am beyond grateful to my new Nicaraguan family for making me feel so at home. Despite the fact that life here is very different from that of the United States, this home-stay experience has reminded me that home is always where the heart is!

By Gretchen Heine

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