Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sam's Homestay Home Run!

Oscar (aka Benny 'the jet' Rodriguez)

This is Sam checking in. Just came off a crazy, at times intense, but an overall rewarding six-day home stay with Oscar and his family in Cedro Galan. We spent most of our days outside playing, devouring Heydi’s (Oscar’s aunt) delicious cooking, and watching movies with Oscar’s mom at night. Immersing myself in the community allowed me to escape the comforts of the Manna House and see how day-to-day life was for Oscar and his family. Hand washing clothes and taking bucket showers were the norm. I had some serious conversations with Oscar’s uncle, Allam, about the United States, family life, working, and the meaning of happiness. We were mesmerized at the news to see coverage of mudslide at Barrio 18 in Managua.  The devastating event took the lives of some of the children in their community. As with most Nicaraguans, I was very much welcomed into their home. I plan on going back to their house as often as possible. Ever see the movie the Sandlot? Well, pictured above is Oscar (aka Benny ‘the Jet’ Rodriguez) about to crush a home run, Nica style… until next time! Home stays are the best!

By Sam Schadt

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