Monday, November 17, 2014

Generation Health

The past week in Nicaragua has been an exciting one for Cedro Health.  We've started a new round of our Generation class, with 18 new students present for the first lesson. Generation is an education and mentorship program for adolescents wanting to enter the medical field.  We teach classes on everything from major body systems to how to take blood pressure.  

During the first lesson on Wednesday night, our new students were broken up into small groups and learned how to properly find a pulse and calculate a heart rate.  We then segued into our lesson on the cardiovascular system.  During the next lesson on Monday night, we focused focused on the flow of blood from the heart to the body and lungs.  We finally learned how and why doctors use a stethoscope.  Their homework is to take the pulse of five people in their family.  

Generation class is something that never fails to warm my heart.  It's amazing to see a group of eager students give up a weeknight just to learn more about medicine.  As all of us "profes" climbed into the micro full of students to go to class, and they greeted us with huge smiles and hugs as they talked about how excited they were to learn.  As we dropped them off at the end of the night, they said they couldn't wait for the next lesson.

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